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The Anglo of The North

A new 114ft statue of a Warrior would pay tribute to the Staffordshire Hoard which was found in a field near Lichfield in 2009.

Stoke on Trent City Council says the statue would "put the city on the map" potentially boosting tourism and the local economy. Almost half the £3.5million needed has already been pledged.

A local sculptor, who is famous for being the artist behind The Beatles on the Waterfront in Liverpool, said the benefits of the new landmark would be huge.The Angel of the North is one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world attracting millions of views a year. It’s estimated it attracts £4million of income to Gateshead every single year. Authorities in Liverpool estimate Andrew Edwards' new Beatles statue will also attract a substantial increase on the calculated £82.9million of business the Beatles industry brings to the city each year.

But as well as attracting business and publicity, the Warrior situated near the city centre, accesible easily from either junction 15 or 16 of the M6 would be a signpost to learning resources, commercial developments and leisure attractions.

The fact that the region has waited over 1,500 years to tell it's story, given up the secrets of the Staffordshire Hoard is symbolic of Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire’s patience to wait for the overdue acknowledgement as long time cultural as well as industrial heart of the counrty.

This ambitious project already has significant support and together with our partners we are determined to deliver. The benefits would be huge for the city and county.


At 114 feet, the Warrior would compare with many other famous landmarks across the world such as New York's Statue of Liberty and the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janerio.

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